remain on the bag undisturbed

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Avoid rubbing vigorously if possible. Use another dry cotton Brass Fitting ball to remove any excess oil before using your handbag again.Stroke the area lightly with the alcohol-soaked cotton ball to see if the stain has improved or been removed.

Gently rub the oil onto the bag wherever the alcohol was used. Repeat if you are not yet satisfied. If the stain is gone, continue to the next step. Here are some steps to clean, hope you can learn from it. Place a small amount of oil onto a fresh cotton ball.

Discard the first cotton ball.We are a China cheap leather handbags wholesaler and retailer, we sell the high quality leather handbags, but the customers often ask us how to clean leather handbags.

Welcome to our online shop Gently pat the stained area, using very little pressure..Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball.Allow the alcohol to remain on the bag undisturbed for 15 minutes or until dry.cheerwholesale.Hope you can find your favourate bag.

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